Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coming up to launch

With less than two days to go until the launch, a few things have happened I wanted to mention.

First, now has the paperback in stock. Only two copies, but there are apparently more on the way so hopefully that distribution issue has been sorted. Even if not, the book is now up on Kindle so it can be purchased as an ebook and Amazon have successfully linked the books.

I've just received copies of some of my items for the launch, including giveaway pens, and small booklets containing Arrival. I'm a little surprised about the latter as I'd never intended Arrival to go into print in that form.

There's also a charity offer on for the launch, where if you buy the Kindle or paperback version through a dedicated link all profits go to XH558, to find her display season. (See for details)

On the writing front, I've half finished a new short story, which has given me two problems to deal with: an unlikeable protagonist and one that's not that bright. Presented in the right way it is intriguing, but done in the wrong way a reader will just put the story down so it's requiring a bit of careful handling. I just hope the muse doesn't strike while I'm on the stand, or I'll be frantically scribbling notes instead of talking about the book!

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