Fire Season

"suspense that will have you glued to your seats" BookPleasures

Fire Season by VH Folland
For Matt and his flying club, there aren't any options left. Trapped residents, threatened towns and one small airstrip safely upwind of the fire line.


It's not a promising position, but they volunteer anyway, hoping a protected position and a base close to the fire might make a difference.


And then the wind changes.

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"Thought provoking, emotional and compassionate, this is a book I could read again. A recommended read." Clover Hill Book Reviews

"...hidden twists and turns paving Folland's well-laid path of adventure all the way to a thrilling conclusion." James McAlpine, CR5 Magazine.


For over one hundred years, the small town of Brooke's Vale has been a sanctuary from forest fires. Unfortunately this year is different, when a rash of fire bugs, unseasonal winds, and the sheer scale of the fires leave the emergency services stretched beyond the limit.

For Matt, owner of the Brooke's Vale cropsprayer airstrip, and his flying club, accepting the unusual chance to fly fire prevention missions is simply being good neighbours. Deviating from his assigned fire prevention duties to try to stop a tragedy as it unfolds, the result leaves him devastated.

Now the nearer towns are threatened and Brooke's Vale itself is at risk. Jim, a transport pilot on leave, takes on the fire prevention flying to buy them time while Matt, grounded and in shock, is left to organise the community. With no power, no communications, one cropsprayer, thirty stranded residents and the fire closing in they'll have to find a miracle - or fly one...

"The characters are rich and their interactions natural and unforced. I loved the multi layered personalities each character brought forward." E & K Family Book Reviews


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"Thanks to the expertly voiced narration, the author's story-telling gifts are strongly in evidence, particularly in his masterly evocation of time, place and events that will haunt readers long after the book has been put to rest." N.Goldman, Bookpleasures

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