Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trailers and twitter

The trailer got its first revision (thank to ruadh and kia for their feedback on the proboard) and the new version is currently available through Youtube. Drop me a note if you want the link.

The twitter story is now in 82 discrete tweets with a hashtag allocated and space to retweet. I just need my betas to confirm it makes sense in the new format, and I'll start sending it out.

Other than that, there are currently discussions underway with a distributor. They were interested when it was with Bewrite, so rather typically of my wrong-way-round approach first I got a publisher before an agent, and now I have a distributor before I have a publisher!

On the publishing front things are moving along, but I can't say anything more. However if things go as planned, and in publishing they rarely do, August 20th should be a busy day.

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