Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Smashwords Announcement

I have just transferred all my Smashwords titles to Ragged Angel Ltd, who will now be handling most of my account on there. This isn't because I'm upset with Smashwords (on the contrary, I think they are great) but because it simplifies a lot of things at this end.

RA already handle my Amazon titles, so it puts all the royalties in one place. This obviously simplifies tax and accounting. Also, because of the obvious difficulty of trying to get an ITIN with a penname, managing tax through a company that is a legal entity and can get its own is a lot simpler.

On the admin side, they already do the formatting for me, so instead of me writing, sending the manuscript off, getting the formatted copy back and uploading, now I just send it off and they do the rest. They also own their own ISBNs, so that means my books can get into more retailers without using Smashwords ISBNs.

And finally - because I am hoping for a bit of a marketing boost from cross-promotion with other titles. Some of their free books on Smashwords are very popular, so hopefully some of those readers will cross to my titles.

End of Announcement

There are many other developments and things I should be blogging about, but I'll be trying to do one at a time for a few days until I've caught up.

I feel I should write a tribute piece, but it still feels too soon and the words don't come. I sit here staring at a blank blog and can't even find somewhere to start. At the moment my thoughts are a little in pieces, so I will have to ask readers to bear with me. Sorry.

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