Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 round up

It's been a busy year. I've gone into ebook for the first time, released a book on Kindle and launched two paperbacks. Not bad for my first year of devoted writing/publishing. Other items include the blog, the website, finding a few boards to get advice on, finding a new ad provider and even going back to writing a few more articles. Overall, I'd have to say it has been a busy year.

The last few days are not going to be any different. I think I've found a way to resolve my problems with the Project Wonderful ads. Part of the issue was that each of my sites had to have seperate ads, and on their own these subsites don't get enough traffic. After swapping a few emails, they actually have a way to link traffic from all the sites together under one, so this morning I've added it.

If it works, that will be a very nice start to the new year.

Conflict of Interest is back being edited. I've still got a lot of writing to do, so once the Christmas flood of work is over and I have a bit of time, hopefully I'll be able to get down to writing. There's a short story in the Fire Season world that was originally going to be my Nano-novel that needs editing and research but is basically complete.

And finally, another standalone novel, now at 60,000 words and likely to double that by the time the draft is complete.

For now, if I don't find time to blog again, I'm signing out for 2011.

Have a Happy New Year!

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